Windsower / Girouette

Installation, 2023.

Polyester, aluminium, marble, automation, winches. 

Windsower/Girouette, a giant kinetic sculpture activated by an electronic and robotic system, is the first iteration of Amélie Laurence Fortin’s research into the speculative potential of objects. A polyester sheet, used particularly in the manufacturing of hot air balloons, hangs from the ceiling and makes a series of slow movements, creating a flow of energy. Expansion and retraction of forms, rise and decent, transition between the horizontal and the vertical: this work-creature reflects the perceptible power inhabiting this century-old building with its industrial past. To deal with the challenges of the monumental empty volume, the artist came up with a solution: she divided the space into three areas following the sides of a triangle. The second phase of her experiments resulted in Axis Mundi, a work whose meaningful title refers to the mythological and religious belief that there is a “centre of the world,” a connecting point between earth and sky. The massive object created by Amélie Laurence Fortin directs our gaze to the floor, however, inverting the vertical axis of the world into a horizontality that can be extended to a philosophical principle. The motifs etched into the copper evoke either the familiar ones of a computer circuit or the undecipherable ones of an unknown language, in a conversation in which human and machine intersect.

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