Blue Moon Project

Single Channel video animation. 2023


Immerse yourself in an artwork that pushes the boundaries of imagination and challenges conventional thinking. In this captivating piece, Fortin presents a futuristic and utopian adaptation of Freeman Dyson's renowned "Dyson Sphere" concept, now applied to our very own Moon.

"The Blue Moon Project" envisions a remarkable solar panel "shell" resembling a delicate skeleton, encasing the Moon. This extraordinary structure harnesses the boundless power of the sun, supplying all the solar energy necessary for sustaining humanity on Earth.

Fortin's artwork invites us to contemplate a future where energy, sustainability, and the very destiny of humanity intertwine. It urges us to embrace a perspective that promotes unity and progress for all.

Are you ready to witness this dynamic fusion of art and science? "The Blue Moon Project" sparks conversations about the potential and boundless possibilities that lie ahead.

-Corina L. Apostol

La Chambre Blanche, Baron Lanteigne, Gabriel LeCouffe

︎Amélie Laurence Fortin 2022 - ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎