Mix media installation. Kinetic sculpture and video, 2022.
Variable dimensions.
Stainless steel, steel, cable, motor, electronics, speakers, red gels.
Curator: Emile Beauchemin

Photo: Charline Clavier / Amélie Laurence Fortin

Exhibition text

Amélie Laurence Fortin's installation SUNBURST is a kinetic sculpture that, like many of the artist's sculptural works, is inspired by forms found in nature. SUNBURST is part of a continuing cycle of work on the sun, in particular solar storms and other natural phenomena. The version of SUNBURST that is presented at MULTI MONTH translates data related to the intensity of solar explosions into motion from January 1, 2022 until the end of the exhibition's public presentation.

This work is inspired by the obsessive creation of increasingly sophisticated predictive models in many of our activities and the exponential accumulation of data resulting from them, as well as the media attention given to scientific research on the Sun's activity and the fragility of our telecommunication systems that may be related to it. It is also inspired by the artist's ongoing fascination with peripheral realities, random systems, serendipity, the creation of translation models from the pragmatic to the sensible and the exploration of the future in culture.

- Festival Mois Multi


Festival Mois Multi, Québec, Canada, 2022
KNAL! festival, Leuven, Belgium, 2021
KIKK Festival, Namur, Belgium, 2021
Künstlerhaus Bethanien gallery, Berlin, Germany, 2020

ENTREVUE : PODCAST Amélie Laurence Fortin en conversation avec Émile Beauchemin
                        PODCAST Amélie Laurence Fortin, Pierre Coric et Annabelle Guimond-Simard
                        ENTEVUE Amélie Laurence Fortin, Mois Multi 2022
LINKS :          MOIS MULTI 2022


Émile Beauchemin, Pierre-Olivier Fréchette, Mélanie Bédard, l’équipe technique du Mois Multi, Jean-François Lahos, Werktank Factory for old and new media


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